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If we can see it, we can do it!

  • Iceland is a small and closely-knit country. Compared to many places, the process of making our voices heard by our decision-makers is reasonably streamlined. Furthermore, minimal bureaucracy means we have terrific opportunities to impact and reach our climate and other societal goals.
  • Nature is never far away in Iceland. When glaciers are almost in your backyard, the impact we have on climate change and the world is readily visible in the melting ice.
  • We've already taken steps in the right direction. In the 1970s, Iceland had already transitioned from oil, gas, and coal for heating to its vast natural geothermal and hydroelectric resources. Today, companies such as Carbfix are developing novel approaches to directly capture CO₂ from the air and storing it underground.


  • Icelandic Climate Action Plan
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Carbfix sequestering carbon emissions underground as minerals
  • No oil, gas, or coal for heating in Iceland after the 1970s oil crisis