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Food dish at Reykjavik Edition hotel's restaurant, Tides.

Sourcing food in traditional and innovative ways in harmony with nature

Icelanders have a thriving market for fresh, locally produced foods and wild and farmed seafood, focusing on sourcing our food in a sustainable way and maximising the utilisation of what we produce in harmony with nature.

Iceland's nutrient-rich waters support a diverse variety of wild fish stocks and are sustainably managed by Icelandic fishing quotas. We learned the migration patterns of the different species and techniques to catch, preserve, and make the most of every fish. Iceland's history, culture, and prosperity are tied to the bounty of the catch and the skill of our fishermen and women.

Iceland has remarkably pure water and soils that are free of chemicals and pollution.

By utilizing our access to clean geothermal energy, we can grow food in greenhouses that we would otherwise not be able to, such as tomatoes, lettuce, berries, and mushrooms.

Rather than large-scale corporate farming, we promote traditional, family-based, small-scale agriculture, such as sheep farming. However, we are innovative and always try to find new and efficient methods to source food.