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Renewable energy for higher standards of living

Icelandic know-how and technology have been at the forefront of the global geothermal sector for decades. 

Icelanders have been using renewable energy for over a century. Today, all local electricity and district-heating needs are powered from renewable resources, including hydroelectric and geothermal. By harnessing domestic energy resources, Iceland has dramatically increased its living standards and created tremendous opportunities for energy-dependent industries to produce goods more responsibly. 

Geothermal is used for home heating and to generate clean, renewable energy. It promotes a higher quality of life with less pollution for Icelanders and our guests, who benefit from value-added geothermal spas and wellness centers, increasing the quality of their visit. 

Iceland has produced an incredible wealth of local experts and consultants that frequently work cooperatively with companies abroad on many international projects.


  • In Iceland 70% of electricity production is from hydropower and 30% is geothermal. For central heating then 90% of household needs come from geothermal while 10% is electricity. For more information see our Green by Iceland page.
  • Iceland has a stable and lower household electricity cost than most European countries
  • Exchange of knowledge with China, Europe, Africa, UN, university training.